Launch your Zurvita Business STRONG

Welcome to your Zurvita journey! There’s so much excitement and growth ahead of you!

The same way you tell your friends about a favorite movie or restaurant, sharing the products you love with the people you love is natural – AND it’s the first step to earning discounted products and extra income or even building a team. Whatever your goals are, we’re here to help you Start Strong!

What is the Start Strong Program?

Start Strong is an incentive program exclusively for new Consultants – to help you start strong and stay strong with great business habits.

During your first 90 days, the Start Strong Program rewards additional bonuses above and beyond your regular commissions earned through our Compensation Plan for sharing Zurvita products, inviting friends to join you and advancing in rank while you do!

Customer Acquisition Bonuses

Score a $20 Customer Acquisition Bonus by achieving Customer Silver when you enroll five Preferred Customers … and another $50 Customer Acquisition Bonus when you achieve Customer Gold with a total of 10 Preferred Customers all within your first 60 days. 

Launch Bonuses

Invite friends to join you! Once you’ve enrolled at least five Preferred Customers, add two new Consultants to your team with a Starter Pak and earn a Launch Bonus! Achieve this in your first 30 days and earn a $150 Launch Bonus! Do it in 31-60 days and earn a $50 Launch Bonus instead! When your new Consultants start enrolling friends and achieve their Launch Bonus, you’ll earn $25 Mentor Bonuses.

Road to Regional Bonuses

Now that you’re sharing products and inviting others to join you, you’re creating those healthy business habits that are going to help you succeed with Zurvita! The more you coach and encourage your team to achieve their Launch Bonus, the more you will advance in rank. And when you do – guess what – you earn more bonuses – in addition to your Customer Acquisition and Launch Bonuses!

PLUS! Mentor bonuses of $50, $100 and $150 respectively when your new Consultants advance to each of their ranks during their Start Strong period!*
*See Compensation Plan for additional details

Watch this video to learn how new Consultants can maximize the Start Strong Program and earn over $1,100 in their first 30 days.

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In the Start Strong Reset program, existing Consultants without an active Start Strong Clock can utilize a similar program and earn incredible rewards. Everyone will receive a new, active 30-day clock. 

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  • Enroll five NEW Preferred Customers and two NEW Consultants on any Starter Pak and earn a $150 Start Strong Bonus! 

While this bonus works for all existing Consultants, we’ve also paved the way for new Consultants enrolled after July 13, 2021, to get their business off to a hot start with the aforementioned Start Strong program. 


Starting July 13, 2021, new Consultants will have access to the Start Strong Program. 

We’re happy to introduce the new Start Strong program – a new formula to incentivize Consultants to grow their business and get them on the path to success! This program rewards Consultants who utilize their first 30, 60 and 90 days to jumpstart their business.

Customer Acquisition Bonus

Within the first 60 days, the following can be earned: 

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Customer Silver

  • Enroll five Preferred Customers
  • Earn a $20 Customer Acquisition Bonus 
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Customer Gold

  • Enroll 10 Preferred Customers
  • Earn a $50 Customer Acquisition Bonus 

Don’t stop there, you can also repeat these bonuses again and again! Once you achieve Customer Gold, you can continue to repeatedly earn these Customer Acquisition Bonuses, within your first 60 days, for every five and 10 Preferred Customers you enroll beyond the first 10. 

Launch Bonus

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In the first 30 days, the following can be earned

  • Enroll five Preferred Customers AND two Consultants (on Starter Paks) 
  • Earn a $150 Launch Bonus 
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If you achieve this within days 31-60 instead, the following can be earned:

  • Enroll five Preferred Customers AND two Consultants (on Starter Paks)
  • Earn a $50 Launch Bonus 

Road to Regional

Getting on the Road to Regional gives additional bonuses if new Consultants continue to promote in rank. They can earn the following:

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Reach Senior Consultant in first 30 days:

  • Earn an additional $50 Road to Regional Bonus for a total Rank Advancement Bonus of $175
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Reach Premier Consultant in first 60 days: 

  • Earn an additional $100 Road to Regional Bonus for a total Rank Advancement Bonus of $350
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Reach Regional Consultant in first 90 days: 

  • Earn an additional $150 Road to Regional Bonus for a total Rank Advancement Bonus of $650

New Consultants immersing themselves into the Start Strong program incentivizes them to grow their business from the get-go, while also giving them a path towards the Road to Regional – developing the foundation to reach such a high rank quickly through consistent hard work and effort.