Zurvita Giving

Building better lives together.

Zurvita Giving’s purpose is to provide aid to people and families in need. We are dedicated to sharing our hearts with the different communities we are a part of. We give back what we have been blessed with. Through this initiative, we provide funding for various community projects and charitable organizations – worldwide.

We are proud to partner with Houston Habitat for Humanity in our latest Zurvita Giving efforts. If you'd like to help Zurvita build better lives together, please click below to learn how you can volunteer or donate today.

Zurvita is sponsoring a Houston Habitat home this year! 

Be impactful and experience the gratification that you have made a difference to a Houston family by providing a beautiful, new affordable home.  

The goal is for 10 volunteers to complete a day of construction work on a Houston Habitat home.  

No construction experience is required! 


To register: click button below

1. New volunteers click Create an Account or Returning volunteers click Sign-In 

2. When prompted, enter the join code: ZurvitaHH3750 

3. Click the green sign up button under the build date 

4. Check the box to accept the waiver

5. You will receive an email confirmation from Habitat for Humanity


Thank you for volunteering!

Volunteer Construction Work

Volunteers and family partners work together to build the exterior or “shell” of each house. Below are the construction goals for each day of the six day build.

Build Day 1 

Raise all walls; use ramset gun to fix walls to foundation; install mudsill anchors to bottom plate; install hurricane straps and clips; install top plate; build porch beam; install garage door trim 

Build Day 2 

Complete unfinished tasks; install wood sheathing on exterior; cut windows and doors out of sheathing; frame bracing; plumb and string line walls to check for straightness and prep fortrusses 

Build Day 3 

Complete unfinished tasks; raise trusses; install truss bracing; affix hurricane clips and straps to trusses; prep for windstorm inspection by using proper nail patterns on sheathing; layout and move roof trusses to roof 

Build Day 4 

Complete unfinished tasks; install blue board insulation on exterior; kitchen, bath, and closet blocking; install roof fall protection system; install attic decking 

Build Day 5 

Complete unfinished tasks; install roof decking; install deadwood on walls; install fascia; install soffit 

Build Day 6 

Complete unfinished tasks; install roof felt and shingles; install porch beam trim; install windows; install doors; install brick frieze 


Any further questions?

For more information please contact David Soto at 713-671-9993 x218 or at dsoto@houstonhabitat.org

You can also visit our Volunteering FAQ at https://www.houstonhabitat.org/volunteer/volunteer-faq/. Or contact events@zurvita.com 

Zurvita Giving 5K

April 7-April 14th, 2021

Zurvita Giving is excited to host our second Virtual 5K! Attendees can walk or run between Wednesday, April 7th and Wednesday, April 14th, 2021 to help raise funds for Zurvita Giving's 2021 goals. 

Our goal is to raise $10,000 for 22 Until Valhalla, which provides support to veterans with PTSD.  With your help we can support and save veteran lives.  For more information about 22 Until Valhalla, please visit their website: https://www.22uv.org 

For more information on what is included in our two ticket packages, or to donate please click below.