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How to take for Best Results

Step 1. Pick your flavor. Zeal can be consumed as a cold liquid beverage, shake, smoothie or frozen treat.

Step 2. Add your choice of liquid. Fill up to six ounces of cold water or juice with drink mix and shake well.

Step 3. Take twice a day in the morning, afternoon or before your workout for a boost of focus, energy and health.

A Zeal for Life

How Zeal Works

Choose your flavor

Feeling tangy, spritely, or cool? Zeal is available in four different staple flavors including guarana free, gluten free, vegan and kosher certified options.

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Shake & take

Zeal tastes best when taken as a cold liquid beverage, shake, smoothie, or frozen treat. Simply add cold water or juice, shake well and enjoy!

What's Inside

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