Work Hard, Serve Others ... Repeat – This is How Deshaun Watson, Our National Spokesperson, Passes It On

Kicking off the new football season by landing a four-year extension with Houston's professional football team, Deshaun Watson, who will celebrate his 25th birthday on September 14, is now the second-highest paid quarterback in the league. As the Zurvita National Spokesperson, this national champion and two-time all-star is now an author too. “Pass it On” is a transparent glimpse into his life and lessons learned. Upholding and believing in the core values instilled in him as a young child by his mother, he interweaves stories from his life with the seven core values that have guided him on his own journey: Generosity, Empathy, Self-Sacrifice, Service, Commitment, Strength and Values in Action.

As one of the most promising young players in the league, he believes that true success lies in leading his team from a perspective of service. In his inspiring book, Deshaun illustrates how the seven qualities of a servant leader can lead to a more successful life.

“This has been a long time coming and I’m just truly excited and humbled to be able to share my story with you.

My hope for this book is to be able to help at least one person and given all the support so far, I think we can do much more.”

- Deshaun Watson

In the fall of 2019, Deshaun joined Zurvita as the National Spokesperson and helped introduce our brand of products and Zurvita Performance line to professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts and the active individuals in-between.

Designed to enhance all ‘bodies in motion’, Zurvita Performance consists of three specialty nutritional products — FUE1, H2O and R3PAIR. With a star quarterback on Team Zurvita, this winning combination of premium products serve to elevate and assist Deshaun throughout the league’s grueling season. In searching for an athlete that exemplified Zurvita’s values, the company looked no further. His ability to uplift others has been instrumental in building his character, hitting home the company’s Founding Principles, making him the perfect spokesperson for Zurvita.