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What is Informed Sport?

Zurvita takes its product safety as serious as you take your athletic performance. The tedious time and effort poured into your athleticism is matched by the procedures and guidelines we set forth to ensure each of our products are safe for any sport, body or lifestyle. So, before we elaborate on our exciting Informed Sport certification, a bit of background is in order.

Research has shown that as many as one-in-ten sports supplement products have been found

to be contaminated with low levels of substances prohibited by sports and anti-doping organizations, most notably, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). The appeal of banned substances is obvious — their performance-enhancing effects. But consuming them to boost athletic performance can also be harmful, possibly even life-threatening.

Certified Safer Supplements

To ensure the ongoing safety of Zurvita’s certified products, we proudly partner with Informed Choice, a globally-recognized quality assurance and testing program designed to minimize the risk of banned substance contamination within the sports nutrition supplement industry.

The Informed Choice program works closely with manufacturers and suppliers by reviewing the quality systems they have in place and by providing high quality analytical testing for products and ingredients to reduce the overall incidence of banned contaminants making their way into sports supplement products.

Informed Sport: A Cut Above

Adding to Zurvita’s Informed Choice certification is our new Informed Sport distinction, an even more rigorous and comprehensive certification process in which products are regularly tested not only for banned substances, but also ensures products are manufactured to the highest quality standards. 

With the additional Informed Sport certification program, athletes can have peace of mind that each and every batch of supplements is tested for harmful or banned substances before being released to market. Click on the following link for additional information on Informed Sport.

Going the Extra Mile

For a quick overview of Zurvita’s certified products, our signature Zeal and Zeal+ product lines — offered in a variety of flavors and formulas — are both Informed Choice certified. Zurvita Performance and our Amino Acids supplement — both targeted to help power-up your fitness routine — are Informed Sport certified.

Athletes and supplement users who see the Informed Sport (or Informed Choice) logo on a Zurvita product can have assurance that it has undergone superior testing for banned substances as well as advanced quality control to ensure the highest caliber process and industry best practices in the manufacturing of sports nutrition supplements.

Zurvita gladly takes these extra steps in developing and delivering premium nutritional sports supplements — that’s how we go the extra mile.