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Journey to Zeal: How Zurvita Nutritional Mix is Made


It’s been 10 years since founders Mark and Tracy Jarvis and Jay Shafer sparked a visionary philosophy in 2011, within the food and science industry, with Zeal. Although we’ve seen a beautiful glow up in the brand and look, Zurvita has always stayed true to its flagship product. Developed as a one-of-a-kind proprietary nutritional supplement sourced from plants, Zeal is a foundational support that could help bring focus, energy, nutrition and health to people from all walks of life – worldwide.      

It all started with a global search for the best superfood that nature had to offer. From farms in the United States to tropical rainforests in Brazil, they sourced only the most nutrient-rich botanicals and whole foods from nature’s resources. Their mission was simply to find ingredients that could be formulated into an easy and effective source of nutrition.

Read on to discover how Zeal is made from start to finish and learn why this plant-based drink mix is a simple source of nutrition for any healthy diet.

Step 1 | We Source Real Botanicals

In this journey, they discovered several plant-based whole foods within the major food group categories. They enlisted these powerhouse ingredients to be the foundation to Zeal. These botanicals contain many of the essential nutrients we need, including: 

  • Fruits: Acai berry, cranberry, goji berry, grape seed, guarana, lychee, noni juice and wild blueberry  
  • Vegetables and Plants: Alfalfa leaf, aloe vera, bacopa, broccoli, chlorella, fennel, gotu kola, green tea, milk thistle, moringa oleifera, stevia leaf and yerba mate  
  • Tubers and Root Vegetables: Ashwagandha, galangal, kudzu, maca root powder, red ginseng and turmeric  
  • Legumes and Beans: Green coffee   
  • Whole Grains: Stabilized rice bran 

In speaking of whole grains, stabilized rice bran is what makes Zeal truly unique. It is a natural source of fiber and functional food that contains essential vitamins and minerals, essential amino acids, Omega-3, 6, and 9 fatty acids, both soluble and insoluble fiber, along with protein and a variety of beneficial antioxidants. 

Did you know? According to the latest in nutrition research, nearly the entire United States population fails to eat enough whole plant foods and less than five percent of Americans get the minimum recommended intake of fiber they need. A lack of dietary fiber has been associated with a higher risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and various cancers, as well as higher cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar. Stabilized rice bran actually contains plant compounds that may help support healthy cholesterol levels already at a normal range, support immune system function and support the body’s defenses against free radicals.*

Step 2 | We Mix and Formulate

Zeal’s Nutritional Drink Mix Has Over 55 Whole Food Nutrients Designed To Help You Achieve Real Focus, Pure Energy And Improve Your Health.

These whole-food juices, powders and concentrates are then formulated into two different categories featuring our Classic and Vegan options.

Zeal Classic represents the original formula launched in 2011 and comes in two flavors: Wild Berry and Mango. Although it is jam-packed with nutrients, it is not vegan, gluten free or kosher.

Our Zeal Vegan formula, previously referred to as the ‘harmonized formula,’ launched in early 2016. It has slightly different ingredients in order to meet current vegan, gluten free and kosher certification standards. Zeal Vegan is offered in three flavors: Bold Grape, Tropic Dream and Wild Berry.

The separate formulas are then combined with potent adaptogen herbs that have been proven to help fight stress and fatigue.*

What’s adaptogen herbs? Simply put, adaptogens are natural herbs used over centuries for health purposes that can help your body adapt to life’s stressors. These are some of Zeal’s key ingredients like goji berries, red ginseng, ashwagandha, maca root and turmeric ingredients. Some adaptogenic herbs can also help promote healthy immunity and overall well-being. Research shows adaptogens can help combat fatigue, enhance mental performance, ease anxiety and support your health and happiness.

Step 3 | We Pick and Pair Our Natural Flavors

Zeal comes in a variety of delicious natural flavors. We never add any artificial sweeteners or flavoring that will only take away from what nature’s natural fruit flavors have to offer. Our flavor pairings were picked to excite and to satisfy your taste buds – all with a mission to make Zeal your favorite drink yet.

Check out our popular flavors!

Wild Berry

Wild Berry Noted as our first flavor – ever, this flavor features a classic mixture of natural blueberry, cherry and orange flavorings. The wild blueberry powder is rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants that support a healthy immune system and overall eye health.


This classic was once a Mexico only flavor, but due to its high demand this subtle yet sweet mango flavoring now brings a burst of refreshing tang to the United States, too!

Bold Grape

Bold in color and naturally delicious in grape flavor, the grape skin extract found in this formula contains phytochemicals that may help support healthy circulation.

Tropic Dream

Dream of all its health benefits and tropic delight with this flavorful choice of natural orange, pineapple, lemon, lime and mango flavorings.

Step 4 | We Pack and Quality Test 

We created Zeal to be a simple source of nutrition and that also rings true throughout our packaging. Each Zeal option is packed and sealed for freshness into single-serving or full-size choices for you to conveniently add water or juice, shake it and then take it with you on-the-go or at home. Zeal is manufactured in a U.S. GMP facility and is quality checked and tested to ensure we live up to our product promise where there is always ZERO artificial flavors, coloring, sweeteners, preservatives, binders, fillers, dyes or unknown substances. We also ensure that our product is Informed Choice certified – where products are selected at random and tested in the lab to make sure that products are manufactured to high quality standards – and contain no banned substances for all bodies in motion, including professional athletes!    

We then seal the deal with a 30-day money back guarantee so that you may return any unused portion of our product to Zurvita within 30 days of its receipt for a full refund or product exchange if you’re not fully satisfied with your experience.

Step 5 | We Deliver Results

Zeal is formulated with 80 different ionic and fulvic trace minerals that are critical for every function in our body and sadly missing from our everyday diet and foods. These trace minerals help ensure proper chemical and electrical processes throughout your entire body and support the feeling of health and vitality.


Honestly, when I started taking Zeal five years ago, I didn’t think I’d feel a difference. I’d try it and just assume that it was doing something good. However, after about two weeks I mentioned to a friend that I had been feeling less tense, was experiencing more energy, and just generally felt a lot better. At first, I couldn’t figure out what was making the difference, then I remembered I had been drinking Zeal every morning. You better believe I never go a day without it now!!!" Darlene

After hearing feedback from thousands of amazing stories about people feeling better and experiencing significant improvements in their health, a third-party* double-blind placebo-controlled study was performed on Zeal. 

The results showed after only eight days, participants saw a 12.4% improvement in mood with drinking Zeal only twice a day and by day 29 ... 85% felt better. See full results, here.

These powerful results showed that Zeal's formula of natural, whole food ingredients helped to not only improve their health but also increase their overall sense of well-being.

With Zeal, thousands of lives have changed, and yours can too.

*KGK Synergize is a highly respected Canadian-based firm specializing in human research and clinical trials for the health, nutrition, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.   

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.   

AN IMPORTANT NOTE TO OUR READERS: The information contained within this post is not intended to replace advice from your physician or healthcare professional. It is recommended to consult with a qualified healthcare professional before starting any diet or supplementation program.