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International Day of Charity - What is Zurvita Giving all about?

Charity is about more than giving. It is one of the highest forms of love, a selfless act of kindness and goodwill to the next person – without expecting a return. It is nothing short of an amazing gift. Zurvita Giving’s mission encompasses this simple notion and continuously seeks to spread love throughout communities, near and far. 

In the spirit of the International Day of Charity, an annual day on September 5 declared by the United Nations General Assembly, we wanted to share why charity is deeply rooted in Zurvita’s culture and just how close we hold giving to our hearts. Simply put, we love people, and we invite you to love them too.

What is Zurvita Giving?

Zurvita is a company with great health and wellness products, but we have a foundation of great integrity as well. We have always been a company that loves ministering to people and showing them that we care. As an extension of our love for people, Zurvita Giving is a non-profit corporation that raises funds for and participates with other organizations that give families sustainable aid.

Initially started in 2014 as the Zurvita Ministries Feed500 Project, we’ve donated our time to different communities around the U.S. including serving 75 cities in three countries, feeding over 45,000 people in neighborhoods of need, donating over 1,000 Zeal Canisters to various healthcare workers and first responders, plus contributing the largest donation to a hospital in Massachusetts! Among those donated to were our very own local Houston Ben Taub Hospital and Houston Police Department, to which we also gifted full-size Zeal Canisters.

Since, we’ve expanded those efforts into further initiatives and collaborations with others who have shared in our same common goal.

What is the mission?

Founded on Christian principles, Zurvita Giving’s main mission aims to simply help people through providing sustainable aid to individuals and families. We believe in giving back what we have been blessed with by giving a hand up to those in need. We are dedicated to sharing our hearts with the different communities we are a part of. Through this initiative, we provide funding for various community projects and charitable organizations – worldwide.

How can I get involved?

Charity comes in many different shapes and sizes. Whether volunteering your time or donating money or goods, charity can make a world of difference for people. We are proud to partner with Houston Habitat for Humanity in our latest Zurvita Giving efforts.

“We chose this charity because when we thought of the best way to help a family in need, we thought of putting a roof over their heads. What better way to give to a family than a home to change not only their lives but the generations to come.”

– Suzy Shafer, executive director of Zurvita Giving

The recipients of this house are hand-selected by Habitat for Humanity, to which, they are excited to initiate the process by breaking ground in Spring 2021. In an effort to help complete this mission, since January 2020, we’ve dedicated $0.25 from every Preferred Customer purchase to show our loyalty and commitment to our promise.

We are only $10K away from reaching our Houston Habitat for Humanity goal! 

With your help, we can reach our goal of $10,000 to begin the foundation of this promising home at the beginning of March. If you'd like to help Zurvita build better lives together, please click below to learn how you can volunteer or donate today. 

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