Fast 5 with Coach Mike Vaught | Episode 4 | R3PAIR

We’re already three episodes into our new Fast 5 with Coach Mike Vaught series! This week, he sits down with Dr. Judith Smith, director of research advisory council, to talk about Zurvita Performance R3PAIR.

A part in the three-step system, learn why we chose R3PAIR to be the final product in our performance and fitness system to reduce muscle soreness after your workouts. 

Get coached up in a fast five minutes (or less!) by your host Coach Mike Vaught, vice president of leadership development, and find out what key ingredients allow R3PAIR to replenish and restore your muscles from any physical activity.

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Learn more about R3PAIR

Zurvita Performance R3PAIR

Zurvita Performance R3PAIR is an Informed Sport certified post-workout solution that contributes to shorter muscle recovery time, helps reduce muscle soreness and aids in inflammation, while also promoting mobility and joint health. 

Sorry kiddos! This one is not recommended for children – however, check out our H2O for all ages.

How to use

How to use Zurvita Performance R3PAIR

Mix either one stick pak or one scoop with 8 ounces of water and shake well. Take after a workout or any daily activity.

Consume after FUE1 and H2O to experience enhanced performance.


No pain no gain??? Goodbye are the days of not being able to move after an intense workout!! As a former cross-country runner, with starting to run again later in life, I expected the sore muscles. I was pleasantly surprised that I could move and squat without being extremely sore. The taste is amazing and refreshing after a workout! - Vanessa Kinnaman

R3PAIR works! Yummy taste! Great for after exercise. - JA 

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