Fast 5 with Coach Mike Vaught | Episode 3 | H2O

Ready for the next installment of our Fast 5 with Coach Mike Vaught? Tune in this week to episode three for super quick facts about the super delicious hydrating drink mix featured in our Zurvita Performance Collection, H2O. As step two in the three-step system, learn how H2O provides effective, clean and sustained hydration to the body.

Why is hydration vital to everyone? Join your host Coach Mike Vaught, vice president of leadership development, along with new special guest Dr. Jim Badman from the Zurvita Scientific Advisory Board to learn the answer in a fast five minutes (or less!).

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Learn more about H2O

Zurvita Performance H2O

Informed Sport certified, Zurvita Performance H2O is a sustainable premium ingredient drink mix that provides hydration through low-glycemic carbohydrates, electrolytes and more. Quench your thirst with scientifically-backed and performance-boosting hydration – plus a burst of sustainable energy – with Zurvita’s H2O.

What makes this even better? It’s for people of all ages!

How to use

Zurvita Performance H2O

Mix either one stick pak or one scoop with 8 ounces of water and drink before, after or during any physical activity.

Consume alongside FUE1 and R3PAIR to experience enhanced performance.


So refreshing! Very smooth and pleasant to taste! I love that it has low sugar and carbs. It's very refreshing and a great option if plain water gets boring. - Julie Pagenkopf

Try this with Mango Zeal. So delicious <3 - Nourhan Wael

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