Fast 5 with Coach Mike Vaught | Episode 2 | FUE1

Enjoyed the first episode on Informed Sport and Informed Choice? Well we’ve got more where that came from! Learn fast facts about one of our top MVPs featured in our Zurvita Performance Collection, FUE1. As step one in the three-step system, learn how FUE1 preps your body to give its best performance yet.

Join your host Coach Mike Vaught, vice president of leadership development and special guest Dr. Scott VanLue from the Zurvita Scientific Advisory Board for a fast five minutes (or less!) of key information on FUE1 you may not know.

Learn more about FUE1

The first step in Zurvita Performance is FUE1. The gel-based delivery system gives you the boost you need to maximize your workout.

Increase energy and endurance and improve your blood flow and muscle performance.

Zurvita Performance FUE1

How to use

Take one FUE1 pak and tear off the top. Gently squeeze the gel into your mouth 30 minutes before your workout or physical activity to get a boost of energy. FUE1 is designed for adults and may be taken as needed or as directed by their physician.

Follow with H2O and R3PAIR to experience enhanced performance.


Wow! I’ve never been one for pre-workouts. Ididn’t like the way I felt. When I tried FUE1, I didn’t feel jittery. I felt great and ready for an amazing workout. It give you the endurance to keep going anf getting too fatigued. Try it! - Jessie Strong

FUE1 is fire! When you know you need an almost immediate energy boost/ Like nothing I’ve ever experienced before! FUE1 is my go to <3 <3 - Chris Overholt

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