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Committing to Transform: The System That Makes a Difference

When Zurvita was first established, our mission was to “make a significant impact on people from all walks of life.” That mission was not just to see people succeed from a business perspective in the direct sales industry, but also utilize a special product themselves to make a difference in their health. 

That became Zeal, which came to fruition in 2011. We knew that we had the perfect product where people could take control of their health and happiness. Zeal and (and later Zeal+) feature over 55 whole food ingredients and botanicals with over 120 vitamins, minerals, powerful antioxidants and phytonutrients.  

Combined, Zeal gives simple, affordable, essential nutrition to jumpstart healthy lifestyles. 

The Zurvita Transformation System 

Shortly after we introduced Zeal in 2011, we introduced the all-in-one health revolution known as the Zeal Weight Management Kit, which included a Canister of Zeal and Zurvita Protein Mix. 

That has now evolved into the Transformation System* containing the following: 

  • Your choice of either two Zeal or Zeal+ Canisters  
  • Zurvita Protein Canister 

Available in Chocolate Delight or Vanilla Crème, our Zurvita Protein is used to build muscle and curb hunger while managing weight. 

  • Zurvita Supplements Burn, Cleanse and Amino Acids

The supplements are designed to optimize metabolism, help with the body’s natural mechanisms for elimination and support a healthy and active lifestyle, from the inside out. 

  • Shaker Cup
  • Pill Box
  • Tape Measure 
  • Zurvita Transformation Booklet 

The comprehensive Transformation System has supplies that last for 30 days, providing a monthlong supply to help restart or reinvigorate their health goals.  

Popularity was starting to grow, so we needed to do something to ensure that this wasn’t a fad – this was an opportunity for change. 

We needed an expert. 

Introducing Zurvita Coach Peter Nielsen 

In 2012, Peter N. Nielsen joined Zurvita as our exclusive fitness and nutrition coach. A health and fitness expert, life coach, author, host of his tv and radio show “Peter’s Principles” and Crohn's survivor, Peter holds over 50 bodybuilding championship titles. Named "Trainer of the Year" by Self and Muscle & Fitness magazines, he is Zurvita's No. 1 go-to fitness expert. 

Peter was the perfect fit at Zurvita. His knowledge and expertise is highly sought after for, and he was consistently there for those looking to make that change. Combined with healthy eating, consistent exercise, along with following Peter’s guidance, we saw people start making steps to slowly make changes to their lifestyle – and the Transformation System was at the forefront. 

“Thousands of people have changed their lives by believing in themselves again,” Peter said. 

With the help of Peter, the Transformation System helped establish change and helped people make a commitment to themselves. It became a chain reaction – others saw the results and wanted to make that change, too. 

Pledge to Transform 

The Zurvita Pledge was first established in 2019, where thousands of people looking to fully transform their lives joined a community of like-minded individuals and experience live coaching with Peter. 

Throughout the Pledge, Peter guides the community, offering tips to reshape their lives, from exercise to what to eat, while also providing necessary support as well. 

And the results were evident. 

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“Your next Transformation is just a pledge away” 

Make a change 

Once again, the center of all these changes is the Transformation System. The powerful products within the system packs a nutritional one-two punch that’s a perfect complement to those trying to acclimate themselves to a healthy lifestyle.  

We will continue hosting Pledge courses throughout the year, and a purchase of a Transformation System* is all you would need to gain access to live coaching from Peter, recipes, workouts, meal-plans, motivation and a community of people who will support and encourage you on your journey.  

By purchasing the Transformation System by itself versus each product individually, you save over $100 off the retail cost  – without even factoring Peter’s coaching, which is valued at over $500! For those interested in becoming a Preferred Customer, not only will they save 15% off the retail price, they also receive free shipping!  

Zeal has changed thousands of lives. The Transformation System has breathed life into a community looking to change their lives, too! 

Transform your life today!  
*You have the choice to choose to have either Zeal or Zeal+ as part of your Transformation System.