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Clinical Study Confirms the Benefits of Zeal: Is ZEAL the HAPPY drink?

There are many products out in the marketplace that promise energy and focus but in trade are horrible for your health. Can there be an alternative “energy” drink that not only gives you the boost you need but is also healthy and makes you happy?  

Yes! According to a clinical research study, Zurvita’s Zeal for Life has been clinically shown to not only improve your mood, but also bring you stronger vigor and vitality, less anxiety, fatigue and even hostility. All of these benefits WITHOUT the energy crash.  

Zeal contains over 55 whole food nutrients that includes over 120 vitamins*, minerals and antioxidants. Zeal’s natural source of clean energy can provide a boost of consistent and stable, long-lasting energy throughout your day.  

How can this be true? We did a clinical trial.  

We conducted an extensive independent clinical trial through the third-party research firm KGK Synergize* to confirm Zeal’s benefits using a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled model. This “Gold Standard” study was conducted using the POMS (Profile of Mood State) questionnaire.  

We studied 100 healthy, moderately stressed adults. 

We chose people who had no health issues and who were not trying to improve their mood, reduce stress or enhance their current health through an organized nutrition, exercise or stress reduction program. Their demographic consisted of an age range of 18 – 65-years-old with a BMI of 18.4 – 30.1 kg. Predominantly Caucasian and non-smokers with 62% females and 38% males. All participants were deemed healthy by physical examination and as per the screening laboratory parameters. 

Under the highest scientific standards, participants were analyzed in a “Per Protocol” Population of: 

  • 21 participants in the Zeal once daily group 
  • 20 participants in the Zeal twice daily group 
  • 23 participants in the placebo once daily group 
  • 20 participants in the placebo twice daily group 

After four weeks, drinking Zeal twice daily made each feel significantly better. 

Feeling Better = Happier 

Eighty-five percent of our participants felt better just after 28 days with a variety of positive results, including a 23% increase in vigor, vitality, calmness and activity, while also decreasing their anxiety, fatigue, tension, irritability, confusion, anger and hostility. These findings showed that consuming two servings of Zeal each day helped to increase their overall sense of well-being. 

“Zeal may help people feel less anxious and more positive, with more energy and vigor. That’s exactly what you want to see in a nutritional product.”  – Scott VanLue, M.D. Zurvita Scientific Advisory Board member 

Healthy Energy, means Happy Energy! 

This clinical study backs up our experts’ research that there definitely is a real Zeal difference and proves what our consumers already felt. Zeal is the Happy drink in terms of making one feel better and overall boosting one’s mood after drinking it consistently. Happiness starts with Zeal!

Zeal for Life (Clinical Trial) can be the foundational support you need with numerous healthy benefits from its all-in-one nutritional value of over 55 whole food nutrients to its amazing taste. Like our customers, Consultants and the clinical trial participants, you too can now have these powerful results to experience and share! 

Feel Happy Now! 

*KGK Synergize is a highly respected Canadian-based firm specializing in human research and clinical trials for the health, nutrition, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

AN IMPORTANT NOTE TO OUR READERS: The information contained within this post is not intended to replace advice from your physician or healthcare professional. It is recommended to consult with a qualified healthcare professional before starting any diet or supplementation program.